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– Stand up!

– Lay on your belly!

– Look at each other!

 – Smile!

Those are just a few phrases that we usually use as touristic photographers when making a photoshoot in the Hotels where we work.

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Working in the hotels we encounter different types of clients that enjoy having their photos taken. And sometimes we even have some families that want to repeat the experience and use our photographic services again.

It doesn´t matter if they are in the same hotel or destination, they want to have the memories of their vacations every year, so they can see how their children are growing up over the years.

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Our photographers should be able, not only to take great photos in different lighting conditions, but as well know how to make people pose in order to have harmony, variety and quality, assuring that our clients have many options to choose from.

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Also, there is the extra mile we have to take:

Photographers should know how to keep the attention of the clients, make them smile and enjoy the photo shoots especially if there are kids or really big families.

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Having experience as a photographer is not always a guarantee to be a good touristic photographer. That’s the reason why in FotoEventi Group we train our candidates to deliver this job up to the highest level, which is making people pose combining it with the rest of the abilities required to perform this job.  

If you wish to take your photos to the next level, we recommend that you pay close attention to posing details and capturing the best moments with these tips.

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1. YOU need to know how to pose

Oh yes! First thing first: We don´t work with professional models, our clients are regular people on their vacation, they usually don’t know how to pose, so you as a photographer should be able to communicate and show all the poses and combinations.

Practice posing in order to learn which positions will flatter a body and which shapes look good from different angles and then explain the pose in different ways:

1. Get in there and do the pose for them

2. Show them what you want them to do

3. Explain it to them at the same time

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Once your subject sees how nice the pose looks on you (and realizes they won’t look strange), they will be much happier to do what you’re asking for.

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2. Beyond standing

When we have family members standing, they tend to all turn toward the lens with arms at their side.

That’s boring and with no harmony.

It is much better to connect them in interesting ways like a puzzle. Ask them to put arms around their waists, heads on shoulders or hand in laps. Small children can wrap their arms around mum’s or dad’s legs.

For naturally looking family portrait poses, not everyone needs to be facing the camera – mix it up by asking the little ones to turn and hug mum or dad’s belly, or leg.

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3. Time to Sit down

It can be tricky working out on how to seat a large family without positioning them side by side.

So how to pose them then? By using shape and lines! We will constantly try to make a triangle in the composition of the bodies and also in the shape of each body. Those diagonal lines create a visually strong image.

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4. Interact and ask the parents to be cheerful participants

Avoid awkward, serious family photos and capture natural connections instead by directing interactions among the members.  Ask your subjects to turn toward one another and suggest kisses, tickles and games.

Dig deep and find your animator spirit. Be playful and engage them to bring out natural smiles and laughter.

The bonus of doing this is breaking up the session with some fun stuff which makes it much easier to keep the kids invested and happy.

And finally: you should ask the parents to make the rest of the family smile, but also, involve kids to make the parents smile as well and everyone will enjoy the photoshoot moment.

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5. Bring them together

Avoid poses where adults are standing and small children appear much lower in the frame. That difference in heights makes it much harder for families to connect and also to make a correct cut for you as a photographer.

Instead, ask adults to get down to their children’s level. You’ll see what a difference it makes to their interactions, aesthetic of the photos and composition. Bring children up to the height of their parents by asking them to pick them up and hug them close.

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6. Use the most beautiful backgrounds of the Hotels

FotoEventi Group is located in amazing hotels and resorts with really interesting landscapes, pools and elements inside like big boats, nice gardens and sea views, even with a Disney Castle!

Clients want to remember those nice locations, so you as a photographer will have to use these beautiful elements to add a plus to the photoshoots.

Because of the experience we have in those Hotels, we already know the best spots to capture the memories of the clients, so make the best out of it. 

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Do you feel like you have mastered the basics of photography?

Are you ready to take the next step and become a great touristic photographer?

This is just the first chapter on this subject, so we hope you will put in practice all these initial tips and wait for the second one 🙂