Touristic Photography VS. Freelance Photography

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Some people might wonder: is a touristic photographer a professional photographer? The shortest and simplest answer is OF COURSE HE/SHE IS.

This is the main question for many people, especially free-lance photographers, since the concept of touristic photography is still quite abstract for many of them.

So, how do we define a Touristic Photographer?

Well, it is the person that works inside a hotel/resort full of tourists and is recognized by the facility as the official hotel/resort photographer.

Basically, he or she promotes an additional service that the hotels offer to customers. In the same way that tourists can benefit from guided tours or excursions, in the case of touristic photography, the clients also have the opportunity and the benefit to take home some nice and priceless memories ? 

As in the majority of professions, especially in the creative arts, there are many shades and differences, and hereby we will present the main ones between freelance and touristic photography.


In general, a professional photographer has experience in various styles of photography, portrait, fashion, studio photography, event photography, weddings, etc.

It is assumed that a professional photographer knows how to take pictures of all of the above-mentioned styles.

But we must be clear and consider that for each type of photography different skill is required and has to be develop with practice.

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While a freelance photographer can do from 10 to 20 photo sessions per month in different locations (and every session last for a couple of hours approx.), a hotel photographer can do from 10 to 20 sessions every single day, in different locations as well.

It is true that these locations are always inside the hotel (or the beach nearby), but all of them apply different poses and backgrounds with the subjects. In conclusion, he or she is dealing with the same challenges as a freelance photographer.

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So, let´s do the math… If a touristic photographer usually makes from 10 to 20 photo sessions a day, trying to reach as many tourists as possible inside the hotel/resort, that means he/she must be fast… fast and efficient with an excellent quality of photos in order to sell every day.

Our touristic photographers take the same style of photos every day, day after day, for several months, meaning that they develop a really good speed of working, not only in taking photos, but also in the editing and selling part.

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Because the job has a very important percentage of sales from the beginning to the end. Normally when we think of sales we think of the final process or the final purchase, but selling in this particular job, has to do with being able to convince people, approaching the clients from the hotel, both in the pool and recreation areas. Present the photography service to tourists and defend the benefits and results of this service which is taking home beautiful memories of their vacations.

The touristic photographers make photos and sell photos every single day, which means that they can feel the satisfaction of seeing happy clients that are buying his/her photos more frequently than a free-lance photographer does.

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In the case of FotoEventi Group, we have hotels and resorts located in 3 different countries: Spain, Italy and Croatia. Beautiful destinations that tourists from all over Europe come to visit and spend their vacations at. Every day a touristic photographer has the opportunity to speak different languages when performing a photoshoot and sales. Being able to develop the social and selling skills with different cultures and nationalities is a big plus not only in professional, but as well in the personal field.

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An additional plus is that the multicultural experience doesn’t end in the hotel/resort where they work, because they have the opportunity to work and travel to other countries, getting to experience the destination as a tourist, to work with colleagues from different nationalities, know and meet new people every single day and keep learning from each other.

Would you like to give it a try? Feel free to apply!