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In the past year and a half, we have learned to appreciate more than ever all those who want to work with us and stay by our side in these adventures’ times.

Even if 2020 is already behind us, this one is still going on and we are prepared that it is going to be a challenging year, full of short-term decisions and last moment changes. But we are certain that it is going to be a much more optimistic year and this is why we are working harder than ever, in order to keep improving and keeping our promise – standing behind our guests’ best memories.

In this article we don’t want to focus on all the bad things that the pandemic has brought us, because we all already know the negative effects that it had worldwide, especially on tourism industry.

We, as many, have found ourselves shut down from one day to another, with colleagues spread around in different destinations and isolated from the rest. We have tried to act as humans and in these times remain more united than ever, providing assistance to our employees, keeping our promises to assure accommodation until they needed it and offer all the moral support that we could.

The positive thing that 2020 and the pandemic has brought to us was time – time to reflect, reinvent, recreate and finally re-open and re-start again.

We were used to the working dynamics that didn’t allow us to stop, operating in 3 countries, 10 destinations, 40 hotels and with more than 100 employees. When we found ourselves closed, the only thing that we had clear is that we need to keep the company alive and do everything in our power to be ready and prepared for the “new normality”, in whatever it could consist.

The changes that we decided to implement were projects and ideas that we already had on our minds and in our agendas, but there was always time missing. And suddenly, we found ourselves with nothing more that time.

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We decided to focus on the three things that matter for us the most:


We concentrated and focused all our energy on these three areas and these are the improvements that we would like to share with you:

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1. TOWARDS OUR EMPLOYEES because they are the basis of our success


Knowing that the majority of candidates that apply for this job have never worked in the field of touristic photography and they only have passion or amatorial knowledge, we decided to make thing easier for them and assure that they come to our presential formation already prepared and with some basic knowledge.

We have transformed our formation process, creating an online learning platform with materials such as presentations, videos and tutorials explaining in detail our procedures and process. All the candidates that are selected for the formation get access to our virtual campus where they acquire technical and theoretical knowledge in the field of photography, customer service, sales techniques and our corporate culture.

In this way they come to the training already prepared and with much more clearer ideas regarding the job and the profession of a Touristic Photographer.

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The candidates that already have some experience in this job or professional photography from this year have the opportunity to apply directly as Photo Managers – a job position that requires more reasonability since this person is in charge of a team of photographers within a hotel or Resort and coordinates all the working activities.

Previously, this promotion was only offered to our current employees that were forming part of our team for at least two seasons. But, acquiring a new vision in these difficult times, we understood that there are great talents waiting to be discovered and eager to contribute with their fresh ideas and photographic knowledge.

We created a new training program, focused not only on the customer service and photographic field, but as well on leadership and team management skills.

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2. TOWARDS OUR CLIENTS focused on offering personalized experiences


We have adapted our processes to the new demands of our customers and reinvented the customer experience – focused not only on listening their opinion, but encouraging them to share it with us.  

To meet the real demands of our clients, we have implemented simple Customer Satisfaction Surveys, through which our clients can evaluate our services, the treatment of our employees and the products purchased.

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Even though after the check-out, the holidays are over, but the photos and the memories can last forever. Once their holidays are over, our clients still have the possibility of reviewing their photos and buying them online, in the comfort of their home.

The most beautiful moments just a “click” away.

The on-line gallery is directly connected to our PhotoPoints and, respecting the privacy policy and data protection, the clients can access only to their photos using facial recognition.

Once selected and purchased, customers can download their photos in high quality or share them on social networks.

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3. TOWARDS OUR COLLABORATORS (HOTELS) because we have a common goal – the customers


We constantly strive to improve our proposal and support to the collaborating hotels and the past year has only reinforced our communication and mutual support.

We have RE-ACTIVATED our LinkedIn profile as a new communication channel focused mainly on creating and maintaining the connection with our collaborators, so that they know and understand better all our services and products.

But we don’t want to stop here. Thanks to our experience in hotel industry, we know that constant and precise communication is essential. For this reason, we have created a Newsletter through which all the hotel managers will be able to learn more about all our services, process and innovations that we are implementing. In this way we can assure an active listening process and opportunity to give and obtain feedback.

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We are truly grateful for the positive effects that these challenging times have brought to us, grateful to all the employees, clients and collaborators that helped us to keep going and improving.

We are looking forward to all the new challenges that the upcoming seasons will bring us and we can proudly say that TOGETHER WE CAN DO IT ALL.