In this article our goal is not to convince you that we are offering the best job in the world – it is simply to explain the opportunities and benefits that you can take advantage of.

At the end, it will be you who decide if it is a dream job or not!


If you still did not read about our destinations, here’s a small resume – we have more than 40 hotels in some of the best touristic places in Spain, Italy and Croatia.

Depending of the season and the periods of the training courses, we offer ticket reimbursement to all our future employees through direct refund or integration programs such as European Mobility. What does that mean? It means that you will visit at least one destination for free and explore many new places!

The shortest working time in FotoEventi Group is 4 months and depending on the company’s necessities, there are always possibilities and opportunities to change places and change working destinations, islands or even countries! When moving from one destination to the other, all the transfer costs and issues are covered and organized by the company.

As well, when signing the contract, you have the medical insurance covered and the accommodation and meals assured, so there is no risk or worry about almost anything! Your only preoccupation will to embrace the adventures that the new destinations offer and enjoy it with full lungs!


As you probably already saw, an intermediate level of English is a must, as you will be in daily contact with clients all over the world. Communicating in English on a daily bases and using it as a common language will help you improve a lot, but as well help you to overpass the language barriers and lose the shame. Our clients come from different parts of the world and love to share, learn and teach. When making the first approach and talking to the clients, you will get curious as well and try to learn some words in their language as well because it is helpful and entertaining.  

Apart from international clients, you will also work with colleagues from different European countries, sharing your living space with them and learning about their culture, cuisine, habits, most common phrases or even more!

A new language is always considered a new window from which to look the world from and you will have the opportunity to open many windows and see many new worlds.


“Do what you love and you will not have to work for the rest of your life” (it is what they say)

If photography is only a passion, here you will make it a profession! Regardless of your level and technical skills, you will learn how to be fast and fabulous. You will learn to make a complete session in just 20 minutes and take people’s breath away when looking at your pictures.

Most of the jobs abroad require a technical specialization or minimal experience in the field. At FotoEventi Group we are not looking for specialties or a specific certified experience. We are looking for smart and charismatic people who know how to blend in, talk, and love to sell and interact. In addition, we offer an intensive training course where you will learn about developing customer skills, approaching clients and “breaking the ice, developing and completing photo session protocols, and improving your selling skills and techniques.

There are many people with passion for photography, but there aren’t many that have the opportunity to make a living out of it. The ones that have it, in the majority of cases work as freelancers, but with no assurance of having clients to buy their photos every day or every week.

You can spend hours, days and months on advertising yourself, trying to get some projects and clients and you may succeed, but you never know what is the next month bringing you. Especially nowadays, there is no stability and security of receiving a fix salary every month, but when working as a Touristic Photographer, you know that you will have it.

Because you will make a looooot of pictures and meet a looooot of new clients every single day!


We give young people from all over Europe the opportunity to make a career in photography and we put together teams capable of starting up and running the daily operational tasks that make our clients re-live their family moments.

All our employees start as photographers and depending on their motivation and abilities, there are always possibilities to grow within the company. Many of our photographers that have shown strong sense of responsibility and great organizational skills have been promoted to Photo Managers after only one season! The ones that had exceptional and management leadership skills had to opportunity to coordinate more hotels and more teams, under the job position of Area Manager. Besides the higher responsibility positions in the hotels, in our Corporative Office we always have some innovative projects, offering our employees the opportunity to contribute with their experience and form part of the Management Team.

Growth is to be considered not only in terms of different jobs positions and Career Opportunities, but as a great opportunity for improving and growing personally. On learning how to communicate (in different languages of course), how to approach clients (and different type of clients as well) and sell your photos, how to present yourself and be your own Business Card. Although we are all born with the ability of communicating, it requires training and practicing and it is beneficial both professionally and personally. When communicating effectively, it improves your relationships with others as well.

And then there is Teamwork – it forces us to interact and listen, thinking as a group and striving to achieve better results. You will have goals that you have to reach as a team and when specific objectives are proposed on a daily, weekly or monthly bases, the possibility of reaching them and keeping yourself motivated increases dramatically.


It means that you will work in a very positive environment – with clients that are on their holidays, relaxing and enjoying, and your job is to make their great memories last forever!

All of our employees share the same opinion – there is nothing better than seeing a client satisfied with the photos that you took, thanking you for capturing his/her best memories. They will say thank you with a huge smile on their faces or even tears of joy (it often happens) and you will know that they will remember you every time that they see or show someone the great pics that you took.

People often forget about thing that you do or say, but they rarely forget about how you made them feel. And when you are the one standing behind their holiday memories, you make them feel special forever!


With all the benefits of the job – the great working environment, the possibility to learn languages and interact with people from different countries and cultures, make friend from all over the world, focusing on you passion, learning new photography techniques and skills, visiting new destinations without worrying about the majority of life costs such as accommodation and meals, you have to remember that it is your job… AND YOU ARE EARNING MONEY WITH IT!

We offer you a fixed salary and during the interviews we explain you the net amount (final amount that you receive at the end of the month), as well as all the contract conditions and benefits so you get a clear picture of what to expect.

After taking into consideration the salary and all the conditions, you can make a simple calculation and see by yourself that it is not only a salary you get, but the opportunity to save some money as well!

As a final note, we are aware that this job is not suitable for everybody because it is not only a job, it is a lifestyle, and a great one we must say! We simply offer a competitive and unique job opportunities for people who are at the beginning of their career or, are looking for a completely new and rewarding experience.

It will be you who decide if it is a dream job or not!