More than 40 hotels rely on FotoEventi Group to add value to their services and improve the satisfaction of their clients.

We are present in three countries and collaborate with the most prestigious hotel and resorts chains:

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FotoEventi Group offers to the collaborating partners a complete and adaptable service that guarantees numerous organizational and economic advantages.

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Efficiency and Transparency

Thanks to photo management software, customer images and personal data are automatically deleted in order to ensure the compliance with the European privacy standards.

Participating in a photo session does not bind customers to purchase the products. When a photo session is completed, we welcome the customers at the PhotoPoints where we show them all the shots made, in order for them to select only the ones they wish to purchase. Once the selection is done, the purchase is made directly at the PhotoPoint and the photos sent by an automatic system.

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Post-sales assistance

The relationship we want to establish with our customers does not end with the simple purchase of our services: in order to support them in any situation or case of need, we rely on a customer service that is multi-channel (website, Facebook and dedicated e-mail) and multilingual (Spanish, English, Italian, German and Croatian), active 365 days a year.

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Integrity and flexibility

Starting from the uniforms to mobile offices, through photographic equipment and management software, to procedures of editing and selling images, we always provide a modular and “ready to use” product. FotoEventi Group’s teams are equipped with all the resources in order to offer high quality services without overloading the collaborating partners, assuring the possibility of customization according to the specific needs of each touristic facility.

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Communication and Online reputation:

The growth of social media had significant impact on the tourism sector: the choice of a holiday destination is increasingly depending on the comments and opinions that potential clients can find on Facebook or Twitter.

Over 97% of people share photos and videos of their travelling, creating an influential network of content. The exposure of this information has a strong relevance on the choice of the tourist destinations of all those who acquire them.

This is why having within your own facility a provider of quality photos, that are easily shared on social networks, represents communication and online reputation assets of crucial importance, in order to:

• Strengthen your own identity.
• Create a connection between potential customers and the destination.
• Facilitate communications with the travelers.
• Manage the social profiles in a professional and effective way.


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