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How many times have you asked for a picture to a stranger and the result was not as you expected?

Blurry photos, blinking eyes, terrible background? And those are probably photos taken in a unique moment that can hardly be repeated, like for example: while you are travelling to a new destination, enjoying your holidays or sightseeing.

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That’s why hiring a professional photographer is so important: to get travel pictures you’re proud to hang on your wall or send as holiday memories to your relatives.

In the case of a touristic professional photographers inside the hotel, they have the best knowledge and skills related to the location: best backgrounds, best light according to the time and season and also a piece of professional equipment, so you can have the perfect shots of your best moments during your travel.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why hiring a professional photographer is a plus on your trip.

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1. The touristic photographer has better knowledge about your current location

In the case of the photographer working inside the hotels, they know the best spots to take photos, the best light and angles not only of you, but as well the best corners in the hotels where you are staying at.

All this leads to the best possible result while capturing your memories.

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2. Professional equipment

You don’t need to worry about the quality of photos on your travels. A touristic photographer uses a piece of professional equipment so you can expect high quality photos. It is also helpful to save the storage capacity of your smartphone.

Some people might think “my iPhone takes good photos”. It’s true that nowadays phone cameras have good features, but still cannot replace the features of a lens from a Reflex Camera.

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3. Living the experience of a Photoshoot

Sometimes visiting a nice destination is a once in a lifetime experience. Even though we know that there are travelers that repeat their destinations: for example, a lot of clients coming back to Canary Island every year, the point is that you must make the best of every travel you make.

With the help of a touristic photographer, you can preserve your precious moments.

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4. Memories beyond the selfies

It is true that selfies nowadays can be a nice solution to capture some moments during your trip. By having a photographer around, you can focus on enjoying your trip instead of worrying about taking photos.

One of the advantages of letting the Hotel photographer take your photos, is that you can capture your moments  across all the days you stay around, pool pictures, photos by appointment and some spare photos before dinner time each day.

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5. Special occasions photography

It often happens that travelers plan their vacation on occasion of special events: wedding proposal, honeymoon, anniversaries, etc.  Of course, this is the perfect occasion to make sure you have quality moments captured by a professional while you just enjoy your special moment.

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6. A professional photographer will guide you to perform the photos

Probably you might not know how to pose, but with the guidance of your touristic photographer, you will be amazed with the outcome of the pics and how natural they look like because they are formed and prepared to do that.

If you are with your family, professionals also have tips and tricks to get kids to look at the camera and actually make them smile.

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This week we were celebrating the World Tourism World Day, and since we are really proud and happy to be working in this sector, we decided to present you a part of the benefits and explain the true value of our services.

We know that our clients love their pictures in the same way that we love doing this job.

Making those special travelling moments last forever is the only mission we have.

Are you already thinking of hiring a photographer for your next trip?

– We know you are 🙂