Touristic Photography and PR – Tips & Tricks

Although the Touristic photographer job concept is sometimes not easy to understand at first, here in FotoEventi Group, we like to say that it is more a lifestyle than a simple and ordinary job ?

If you would like to read more in details about the benefits and pleasures that this dream job offers, you can do it here!

As far as a simple job description is concerned, we can define it as a 360 degrees job with 3 key steps.

The first one is the approach – the first interaction with our clients (tourists) when we “break the ice” by presenting ourselves and the photographic services that we offer. Although it is just a part of this complex, but fulfilling job, it is of crucial importance as it conditions the following two steps – obtaining the permission to perform a photo session and presenting the photos to the clients that want to buy them.

Our main goal in this complete process is to offer a great service and make our clients enjoy in their holiday memories much longer after the stay.

We in FotoEventi Group consider that we everything can be learned and the practice makes the master. But, we as well know that a good touristic photographer stands out for the passion and pleasure with which he/she carries out all the job activities (not only some parts of them), always trying to offer unique experiences, turning guests’ precious moments into great memories.

As in every job, in Touristic Photography as well, we consider the job properly done if all the steps and tasks are completed successfully. To understand it better, we can examine some scenarios, imagining that that we didn’t conclude some work parts:

Scenario 1 – Our photographers do not interact with clients – they will not even have a chance to make pictures, neither sell them as there is obviously nothing to sell.

Scenario 2 – Our photographers are extremely successful in interacting with clients, but they are not making good quality photos and transmitting their passion through the work – it will be very difficult to sell these photos and maintain the desired quality of service and clients’ satisfaction.

Scenario 3 – Our photographers are great in interacting with the clients and make beautiful photos, but they are not proactive and productive enough during the selling process – the clients will not understand all their benefits and will not decide to take their memories with them.

As we said at the beginning, the practice makes the master, but the masters have their tricks as well. So, we will try to help you with some guiding lines that will be useful not only in this job position, but in any kind of situation where you have to interact with people, strangers or not ?


As this is a job position that includes constant and direct interaction with clients, it requires excellent communication skills and passion for talking with people.

Regardless of your age, photography experience or previous job background, a positive attitude is a key element that makes the difference. If you don’t have a correct attitude, if you are pessimistic or have bad and poor energy in general, it will be transmitted to the clients and you can lose their interest at step zero. You will not even get a chance to make an interaction or a single click.

So, when talking to people, you should transmit positive vibrations, be kind, sociable and interesting. What people don’t like are boring presentation seen and heard a thousand times – “My name is, I work for the company, would you like me to present you… etc.”

In order to intrigue clients and make a great impression, you have to make a unique “first entrance” – create a special connection with them in order to gain their interest and make them want your service.

Remember that an open and positive attitude will bring you a lot of success!


We all agree that communication is indeed an art and those who have the natural talent and communicate easily, are for sure more successful in achieving results – transforming a contact into a photo session in our case.

A touristic photographer that does not feel “artificial” in presenting the service, but communicates naturally and seems to enjoy his/her work and shares the passion with the clients, makes better connection and gains sympathies immediately.

If you stand with your hand crossed and a serious face, the clients will expect their photos to be like this as well, with no emotion and no joy. And we in FotoEventi Group want to offer all the opposite – we create and capture emotions and want our clients to feel it every single time that they look at our photo.

In order to communicative effectively and achieve a positive impression, you must spread positive energy from the firs second and use all your facial muscles – not only the ones for talking. Smile and do it sincerely, smile with your mouth and your eyes, people do notice that.

Together with a posture that suggests an open and jovial attitude, you will for sure transmit all the positive emotions and passion that you have, not only in conversations, but in all the aspects of your job.


To communicate doesn’t mean just talking, listening and nodding.

Being active in the conversation with your clients, listen to them and get involved, it is a key element to maintain their interest. Ask questions and show interest. Ask about their holiday, where do they come from, is it the first time here, how they like the destination and the hotel, what are they doing tomorrow.

Ask about things that will help you guide them through the service that you offer and give you an additional argument to convince them to accept it. Knowing your clients better will help you in offering a personalized service and this is what makes the clients even more satisfied.

If you are sharing the passion for photography and travelling like the most of our employees, you can even advise them regarding places they can visit and things that they can enjoy. At the end, we are all interested in new and unforgettable experiences and as more as we give, the more we will receive.

Focus on people, their preferences and needs, in this way you will not only gain their trust, but make them feel relaxed in front of the camera and the final result will be a reflection of this.


Even if you are offering a great service and without any compromise, people will often say “no”, for many reasons. Maybe they are not in the mood in that moment, they are in a hurry, they don’t feel comfortable posing in front of others. You as a good photographer should recognize or assume the reason and act in accordance to it.

Their lack of interest has nothing to do with your photography skills and you should not take it to heart. We offer a professional service and maintain it through all the work steps. We are persuasive, but we respect people’s privacy and space, so when we hear a “no”, we accept it, but know that it can easily be transformed in a “yes”. This is why we always leave the door open.

“You are such a beautiful family that I will take a great photo of you, sooner or later”

“I am sure you will change your mind and realize that you cannot go back home without a beautiful memory”

“When you get tanned in few days, you will want a picture for sure”

These are only some examples of a kind closure that will leave the clients with a smile on their faces and thinking about you and taking some pictures.

Remember that the camera is your best visit card. Even if you think that people might get scared when they see you walking around asking to make some pictures, remember that they see other clients when posing and having a great time.

When you keep your professionality and kindness, they will remember it and even get back to you asking for a photo session.

We are not only photographers, we have the super power of making people smile, capture it and make it last forever. We are focused on our passion and reflect it with every click.

If you think that you have the super power as well, don’t think twice – apply for the job right now!