1. You love talking to people!

You have to be creative to break the ice to start a nice conversation in order to convince the traveler to say yes to your camera. If you are friendly you will be able to reach more clients that you can take photos of, and that’s what we are looking for!

Promoting and offering photographic services to hotel guests is one of the most important parts to do this job, so you must go around all the areas within the hotel, presenting yourself and the service that we offer, motivating the guests to make them photos in the moment or later.

This is what we call to have good public relations skills, if you are good at this, you will start to take the photos right after having the first approach to the clients.

It is important to know, that you need the permission of the clients to perform the photos, so that’s why being energetic, having a smile and good conversation is a must to do this job.

if you are afraid of talking and smiling to people, then this is not the job for you!

2. You are always ready to shoot (photosession at the moment or by appointment)

Once the ice is broken and after making the first bond with the guests, you begin to perform photoshoots – which consist of making portraits to families with children or couples that are on their holidays and want to take some memories home.
The photos are always taken in different areas of the resort and you should be really efficient to make this part of the job: managing the camera settings, playing with the light, posing the guests, shooting in different backgrounds, all of this in a short period of time.

During this photoshoot process you should be able to keep entertain the clients that you are shooting, they must have fun while the session…and also you, you should have fun too!

One important thing to take in consideration: guests are not obligated to buy the photos, that’s why quality, your public relations, and selling skills are so important in all the process so at the end clients are so happy with your work that they will buy your photos.

3. You are a good seller! (you have the superpower of persuasion)

After all the effort you have made so far, it would be a pitty no to sell your photos right? that’s why selling is the cherry on top of the cake! It is so exciting to see the guess loving so much the photos you made that they want to buy them.

Not only your work will talk by itself, you should be able to finally sell those photos, that’s why you are working for: the results of your effort and also to see the happy clients taking nice memories home. It is a win-win situation!

The sales of the photos take place at the PhotoPoint – it is a small reception and the meeting point with the customers for eventual photoshoot appointments and selling (also this is the place where you make the edition of the photos). There you will have different computers with a qualifying system for selling photos.

4. You are eager to learn and improve your self constantly

If you are not a professional photographer or you are an amateur, it doesn’t matter, all you need is a good attitude for learning and self-improvement.

FotoEventi Group provides full training and a formation to develop the technical skills you need to perform as a touristic photographer.

If you are a person who loves to learn and like to improve skills, that means you are on the with a way to join our team.
You have an open-minded personality and like international environments.

Taking into consideration that we are working with guests coming from different countries an INTERMEDIATE LEVEL OF ENGLISH is necessary. Not only when speaking with guests, but also when communicating with your colleagues since they also come from different countries such as Spain, Italy, Croatia, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Romania, etc.

If you speak more languages, that will be a plus, and also this will be a great opportunity to practice more and more. In this professional space, you will not only speak different languages but also will have the opportunity to know different cultures in a young environment spending time and space with other people who share your passion: the love for photography.

5. You are flexible to travel and a team player

We work in many destinations, and your place of work will depend on the season when you begin to work and the necessities of the company have at every moment. So you must have a TOTAL GEOGRAPHICALLY DISPONIBILITY. You might fall in love with your first destination, but you have to be ready and open to falling in love with other destinations. So, in the end, it is a good opportunity to experience different places and resorts: to travel!

So at any time, you should be prepared in case the company needs to move you from one destination to another during the season. (Company will cover the expenses of the transportation, you don’t have to worry about that)

And last, but not least – you have to be a TEAM PLAYER – working as a Touristic Photographer means always working in a Team. It means covering all the individual job tasks but also working together with your colleagues towards the same goal – OFFERING A PERSONALIZED SERVICE, MAKING GREAT PICTURES AND SELLING THEM!

Since there is always the possibility to be move from one place to another, you will have the opportunity to work with different teams, that’s why you have to be a good team player 🙂

6. You like challenges and you are a goal-oriented person

Taking into consideration the commercial part of the job, obtaining results in not only making great photos but also obtaining results in sales, working towards achieving the goals, being MOTIVATED AND AMBITIOUS because also if you prove yourself you might have the opportunity to grow within the company. 

So, after reading all these…are you the top candidate to be a touristic photographer?

Send your CV and prove yourself to join this photographic adventure!