Choosing gifts for photographers (professional or amateur) can sometimes be complicated, especially because photography is usually an expensive profession/hobby.

But today we bring you 10 great gift ideas in order to succeed with Christmas gifts in case of searching for something for your relatives or friends who are into this beautiful passion that is getting more popular year by year.

We know that accessories and gifts for photographers tend to be quite expensive and you don’t want the budget to get out of hand, but there are always very cool or super useful little details that will guarantee you success.

Can you give the same things to a photography enthusiast as to a professional photographer? Well, it depends. The only problem with the professional photographer is that they will have more equipment and more accessories than the amateurs.

So, we must be careful not to «repeat ourselves» and with the following list of our ideas you can make some photographer happy for sure.

1. Design cameras straps


It has been a trend for some years now, having a non-standard strap and with more personality. A way to personalize the photographic equipment and, also, gain some comfort.

Camera straps can actually make photography more enjoyable. The equipment might be getting lighter and lighter each year, but we need to find an efficient way to carry it on our body.

Fortunately, most camera straps are relatively inexpensive when compared to other camera gear, so that´s a perfect idea gift.

You can find various patterns here and here



2. Photo Lens Mug

This gift is a classic and it never fails. Lens-shaped mugs became a trend a few years ago, but they are still one of the best sellers. These nice mugs look totally legit, and you couldn’t tell the difference from a distance.

The only thing we recommend you is to make sure you buy the correct simulated brand – if the photographer works with Nikon, make sure the mug look like Nikon and not Canon instead. If you don´t want to fail, a sure bet is buying a standard kind of mug. That´s why in the following link you will find at least 10 options of mug to choose from.



10 Best Camera Lens Mugs That Make The Perfect Gift (bwillcreative.com)


3. Kit of lenses for Mobile Phones


It is undeniable that the new generation of mobile phones cameras are getting better year by year, until the point that many photographers are specialized in mobile phone photography, especially with the release of these small lenses for mobile phones. Although it may seem incredible, the quality is more than acceptable and, for a low budget, you can get the telephoto, angular and macro lens pack compatible with all models (android and iPhone).





4. Waterproof Camera Covers


It is an essential accessory for any travel photographer. Going with plastic bags around is unprofessional and non-safe. A waterproof cover can help to be prepared for any inclement weather.

This type of case has the advantage of being able to be used with any type of DSLR. Fits all sizes of cameras and lenses.




Waterproof Camer Cover – Amazon


5. Ergonomic camera bag


A professional photographer or any photo enthusiast probably already has a camera back pack, but we can assure, it is always useful to have an extra bag for different type of usage. This ergonomic bag for example, is really handy to reach the gear when taking photos and is also comfortable so we don’t put all the weight on our back.  

For this reason, this ergonomic bag, it is one of the best gifts for photographers that you can make.




6. Finger free Winter gloves

Another one of those very practical gifts for traveling photographers. Traveling during the winter has its advantages and disadvantages. And one of the negative points is that, after a few hours on the street taking photos, hands are going to be like blocks of ice.

But these cool models of gloves are perfect to keep the heat and have the fingers free (they have a system of magnets) to trigger your creativity. This is useful no only to take photos, but also for using the phone when necessary.



7. Micro SD Card


Something that is always useful in the photographic equipment is a good memory card. A little extra storage space never hurts. Cards ate a part of the equipment that sooner or later will die and will have to be replace, so having an extra card is always going to be recommended.

For example, Class 10 cards are recommended to ensure a good operation of the camera, since they are cards that process data much faster than cheaper cards.

You can find various SD options here:

Or Micro SD:




8. The Level Camera Cube

Photographers know how difficult it is to get totally straight photos. Most of the time the tripods themselves already include levelers, but not everyone has tripods with that accessory included, so for them this level cube is a great small tool that they can attach to the camera itself.



9. USB Mini camera Key Chain


This cute mini camera doesn’t take photos, but it’s a cool keychain to save documents and photos. It is true that nowadays we manage a lot of data in the cloud, but having a USB in hand can always be useful in case we don´t have a connection all the time.

As well, you can find additional options here and here.





10. Wearable accessories


A really nice accessories for any special occasion or every day stylish touch:

FOR HER: Camera Earrings 

















FOR HIM:  Photo Camera or DSLR Camera Shirt Cufflinks



We hope that our suggestions will be helpful and make your present search little less stressfull!

Feel free to comment and let us know if you managed to make some photographer happy(ier) 🙂