When starting with our activity and opening our first PhotoPoints, we had one huge advantage: doing it in one of the most beautiful places on Earth (according to our modest and subjective opinion ?).

We know Tenerife and Gran Canaria take most of the spotlights in terms of popularity in the Canary Islands (and love them too), but we are sure that Lanzarote will steal your heart from the first minute, as it happened to all of us.

Feel free to read and discover 5 simple reasons why to visit it and recharge yourself with life and energy!


1. Landscapes of another planet

Is it Earth or is it Mars?

These are landscapes witnessing the Timanfaya (also called Fire Mountains) volcano eruption, causing a fascinating sensation of being on another planet. The only way to visit the Timanfaya National Park is on a bus that drives you through the Park and ends with the possibility of seeing a geyser expelling steam. With more than 1.3 million tourists a year it makes this National Park the third most visited in Spain (after Teide and Picos de Europa).

If you are conditioned by the fact that it cannot be visited individually, you must know that Timanfaya is not the only volcano on the island. There are many others that you can visit by taking interesting routes and climbing to the top to see the crater from above. One example is Caldera Blanca volcano that offers spectacular views.


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2. Sunsets that hypnotize

After the Timanfaya eruptions in the 18th century, the peasants had to adapt to the new situation and they did so by modifying the landscape. Now the island offers one of the most unique spaces in the world: the Protected Landscape of La Geria.

Contemplating it at sunset shows the beauty that human beings are capable of creating when they set out to respect nature in order to extract its resources from it. La Geria is located in the interior of the island, in the municipality of Yaiza, near the airport and the Timanfaya National Park. A small tip – you will for sure enjoy the sunset better if accompanied by the excellent wine made in the wineries found in this amazing landscape


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If you are a sunset lover, then you cannot miss Famara beach!

You will experience unique emotions observing the “mirror effect” created by the wet sand at sunset and the change of colors, all flanked by the impressive Famara cliffs on one side and the small Island of La Graciosa to the other. It is that kind of a moment when you are unable to blink until the sun disappears behind the horizon.


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3. Diving and its sea bottom

Lanzarote is known as one of the best diving places in all of Spain. Sunken ships, underwater caves and fish of all sizes, from a large squid to seahorses!

If you are an experienced diver and more demanding, than you should know that here you can find the only underwater museum in Europe! An underwater museum? Yes, that’s correct.

An incredible experience of diving among the sculptures that are exposed several meters deep. Each figure represents a social complaint to the world in which we live.


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4. Beautiful beaches


For many, the number one reason for visiting the island.

Unlike the others in this Spanish cluster off the coast of Africa, it only has a few black sand beaches. Much more common are fine golden sands that contrast dramatically with the ubiquitous lava rock.

One of the most well-known or the “star beach” is Playa de Papagayo. It is in fact a series of stretches separated by volcanic rocks. The main Papagayo beach is the last one before the Punta del Papagayo – Lanzarote’s southernmost tip.


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We have already mentioned Famara in the second point so we will only add that it stretches along six kilometers and this means no crowds and plenty of space for you and your beach towel.


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Be sure not to miss Caletón Blancoa chain of small, white sands coves that will delight you with its crystal-clear waters, white sands and black rocks of volcanic origin. A striking palette of colors and elements to make one of the best postcards from Lanzarote.


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5. White, but colorful

Something that visitors really like about Lanzarote is that all the houses are white! And none of them exceed 3-4 floors (except for one building – the Gran Hotel in Arrecife).

You could think that white is monotonous and too simple, but this is where the real beaty of this island shows off.

When touring the island, you will notice spectacular contrasts of its landscapes: reddish tones interspersed with greenish, gray, black and brown.



You will see it in the breaking of the blue waves in the black Hervideros, the paradisiacal golden coves of Papagayo, the green of the Charco de Los Clicos, the pastel tones of Salinas de Janubio, the immaculate charm of towns like El Golfo, Uga, Femés…



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Are you planning a visit already? We are sure you are ?