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We have already talked about reasons why to become a touristic photographer and embrace the adventure of living and working abroad – in some of the most popular and beautiful touristic destinations.

Since not everything in life is painted pink and we as true photographers, don’t like to use “fake” filters, now we will try to explain sincerely THE MOST COMMON CHALLANGES that you may encounter in this great, but complex photography job.

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As you may already red, your first job task as a Touristic Photographer in FotoEventi Group is to approach clients, always with a smile and positive energy, presenting them our photographic services and products within the hotel. These are foreign people that you see for the first time and in the majority of the cases, they don’t speak your language, and often their first answer will be NO. You don’t have to be discouraged because of this.

There are many reasons why they will reject you and none of them is personal. They don’t know you, maybe they have just arrived and they are tired or they just don’t like to be photographed. It is your main task to maintain a positive attitude and convince them that you are offering a service that they are not going to regret about. Even if they refuse you, you must always maintain the door open and conclude the conversation with the smile on your face.

PRO: It is difficult to maintain a smile on your face during the whole day, especially when the other part does not correspond or may be annoyed by your approach, but it will help you to become a stronger person and build up a positive character. This will be helpful not only in your professional life, but in personal aspect as well. After a while, you will find yourself smiling and approaching problems in life in a different and more relaxed way.

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Taking into consideration that we work in tourism industry – office timetables are not our thing. The day off is not necessarily during the weekend, since it depends of the schedule of departures and arrivals of the tourists.

We are working with people that are on their holidays and we have to be available in order to offer a complete and high-quality service. Therefore, we are present in the hotel whenever the clients are willing to take photos and buy them. This is why you are going to work during morning, afternoon and evening hours, divided in shifts, but present in the hotel in order to cover almost the whole day. During the morning and afternoon, we usually do the public relations and photo sessions, and during the evening the sales and the sunset photo-shoots. This means that during these 6 days of working, you are not going to have a lot of free time.

PRO: You don’t need to plan your holidays and spend a lot of time to travel to the beach – you already live in a touristic destination. Your free day you can be a tourist as well and explore the destination, visit new place or simply enjoy on the beach with great weather guaranteed. In addition to that – you are going to improve your organizational skills since you will want to use your free time in the best possible way.  

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As we already said – you are going to work in beautiful touristic destinations and with great weather. But great weather brings high outdoor temperatures as well. Although you will be working in appropriate uniform, walking around the swimming pool under the sun can get pretty unbearable.

PRO: You will have a beautifully tanned and for free. Nothing will make you friend more jealous than seeing your pictures with a perfect tan, especially when in the rest of Europe is winter time. And we all know the numerous benefits of sunlight (with appropriate protection) – improves your sleep, reduces stress and fights off depression.

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Working abroad, especially in Canary Islands sounds pretty exotic. But you will be thousands of kilometers away from home and during a minimum of 4 months, living and working with people that you don’t know. Although we in FotoEventi Group do tend to meet your preferences, in many cases you cannot choose your working destination since it depends on the priorities that we have and vacancies available at the moment. It means that you have to be flexible and in occasion will have to change the destination during your contract.

Even for the most adventures persons, during the bad days, the distance seems even bigger when missing family and friends, or just the comfort of the childhood bedroom.

PRO: You will for sure have a break from your routine and learn how to live on your own, outside of your “comfort zone”. It is an opportunity for a fresh start and discovering not only new destinations, but new parts of yourself as well. Many relationships change when distance is involved, but it is an opportunity to improve the ones that do have importance and leave behind the ones that don’t.


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We do not want to discourage you, quite the opposite. We like to communicate transparently and be completely honest when talking about this job. We better than anyone know how difficult this job can be. But we as well know how much satisfaction it brings to our employees and hope you will share it with us too.

In case you want to check if you are a good candidate for this job, you can do it here